LETTERS: 26.5.18

• We gave Chatfield the week off to recover from doing stand-up at the Royal Wedding (joke), so here is one of his generic toons that made us giggle.

By-election farce
THE up coming by-elections in Perth and Fremantle are nothing short of a farce.
In both electorates the Liberals are not putting up a candidate so we don’t need an election to know who is going to be elected.
Okay, there will be a few minor parties that will put up candidates and they will get a handful of votes but the ALP will get both seats.
Unfortunately neither of the ALP candidates will be going to parliament to represent their electorates.
They will be on the back benches to do and say exactly as instructed by the affiliated union-controlled National Executive of the ALP.
Patrick Gorman, the union pick for the Perth electorate is hardly known by the people of the area.
I have lived in the Perth CBD for over a decade and have never heard of him before.
The main reason for his selection is his allegiance to a couple of unions that will guarantee he toes the party line, regardless of what the Perth electorate voters want.
There was in fact another nomination for the seat: John Hammond, a very well known Perth lawyer.
John however has no affiliation to a union and therefore never stood a chance.
In addition he is a reformist and believes that the voters should have a say in candidate selection and that MPs should actually represent their electorates.
So revolutionary, but guaranteed to cause the affiliated union heavies to ignore him.
No wonder many Australians have had a gut-full of both major parties.
Solution—vote for a minor party.
One that promises to represent the electorate as opposed to acting as a puppet to the executive of one of the two major parties.
This would send a big message to the two big parties.
James Simons
Adelaide Terrace, Perth

Timely trial
WE welcome the news article in the Voice (‘A Trialling Journey’, May 19, 2018) that Vincent mayor Emma Cole will contact road safety minister Michelle Roberts regarding the proposed 40kmh trial in South Ward.
This is a positive step towards achieving a safer, healthier and better connected matrix of local streets in our residential areas.
It is hoped that a successful trial will lead to the introduction of 40kmh on local residential streets across the City of Vincent.
Slowing vehicle speeds is key to improving the general environment of residential areas and encourages adults and children to use streets as recreational spaces—to walk and cycle more often to shops, schools, community facilities and to play outside in their local area.
The benefit of creating a network of local streets, with broader functions than their current singular use as motor vehicle routes, is being recognised in many cities across Australia and around the world.
The first step in this revitalisation is to achieve slower vehicle speeds.
We congratulate mayor Cole for working towards this goal.
Geraldine Box
Alma Rd North Perth

Monarchy are great
The royal family may live in comfort, but they certainly do not have easy lives.
Being in the spotlight all the time must be very difficult, constantly being polite and interested in all situations.
They support many charities and are very knowledgeable about the particular charity they are visiting.
For example, Prince Harry and the Invictus Games, the Duchess of Cornwall supports a charity donating books to children, and also a domestic violence charity, helping women and children experiencing abuse at home.
I could go on with a long list of work the royal family do at home and overseas.
The Queen has always been a strong supporter of the Commonwealth and worked tirelessly for its countries.
The royal family stand for continuity and stability in an ever-changing world.
Margaret Paynter
Moran Street, Beaconsfield

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