Bonzer bagels

MY chief of staff has strong opinions on most topics, including unassuming vegetables like cabbage.

“Coleslaw is the most under-rated soul food of the world,” the Grunter opined in his usual take-no-prisoners tone.

“And this one,” he said, with a wave of his hand, “went beautifully with the bagel.”

A curious mix of new-age hippie and crusty old journo, today his gentle side was on display as he sipped a “healing” turmeric and banana juice ($9).

“Turmeric is very good for you and this lived up to its name and was very turmericy, which hid the fruitiness of it.”

I’m not sure how healthy my beetroot, apple, celery and ginger juice was, but it hit the spot with its sharp, fruity flavours and refreshing iciness.

Fields of Vincent is a groovy little cafe on Scarborough Beach Road, just off the Mt Hawthorn strip.

There’s not a lot of space inside the hip stripped-back cafe, but on a warm autumn day the alfresco was perfect for lunch.

The menu is limited to mostly bagels and acai bowls, but everything is top notch and crammed with flavour. Our bagels were the the best I’ve ever eaten.

The Grunter went for the chicken bagel ($11).

“It was nice and chunky and there was no scrimping on the chook,” he said.

I was blown away by my vegetarian version ($11): the toasted bun was soft on the inside and stuffed with roasted capsicum, zucchini, red onion and haloumi.

The flavours were spot on and the sauce combined everything in moist harmony.

Hats off to the waiter who checked if I wanted haloumi in my bagel while taking my order.

We finished a pleasant lunch with a slice of banana and walnut bread with chai spices ($6.50), and an orange blossom and cranberry muffin ($5.50).

The massive serve of spicy bread was smothered in butter and topped with caramalised banana slices, while the muffin was moist and delicious.


Fields of Vincent
135 Scarborough Beach
Road, Mt Hawthorn
0401 401 237

2 responses to “Bonzer bagels

  1. Hi Perth Voice

    My name is Stephanie and I am Salon owner of Shape Hairdressing located in the heart of Leederville, on 177 Oxford st.
    It would be so wonderful if you guys would do a write up on my business as I very much bring the community together with our monthly events. Shape Hairdressing is not just a hair salon, we have created the “Shape Space” for events such as Yoga, mini markets, gut health seminars , cooking workshops, product launch and more!!
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    Warm regards Stephanie
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    • Hi Stephanie,
      Our advertising department can be contacted on 9430 7727. They will have all the information you require including advertising prices.
      Thanks Stephanie.

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