LETTERS 2.6.18

Streets of gold
REGARDING Geraldine Box’s letter “Timely Trial” in last week’s Voice, commenting on Emma Cole lobbying for a 40kmh trial in South Ward.
Why not push for 20kmh instead? That would definitely make the roads safer.
As for “…healthier and better connected matrix of local streets…”, I don’t really understand what that means. Are the streets not already connected? Are they not healthy?
Yes, bring on the social revitalisation that our streets need, like kids and families enjoying themselves on the streets—kicking the footy, playing cricket or skateboarding.
“Creating a network of local streets with broader functions…” is what our community desperately needs, and just think of all that potential extra revenue in the form of speeding fines that the government could generate and put back into our community to realise that utopia which would only be possible through visionaries like Vincent mayor Emma Cole, road safety minister Michelle Roberts and yourself.
Hopefully the future will see us all on bikes, walking or using public transport, as it will be logistically pointless to drive a car. Ahh, one can only dream.
Gene Lorenzon
Shakespeare Street, Mt Hawthorn

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