Back to square one

ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour at Weld Square is not getting any better says Brika owner Simon Psaros, after diners were attacked with pepperspray at his Greek restaurant last weekend.

He opened Brika opposite the park about five years back, hoping that it’d help improve the area.

Three years ago Brika hosted a meeting with police and other concerned business owners, calling for action to curb the anti-social behaviour at Weld Square.

“I think it’s gotten worse,” Mr Psaros told the Voice this week.

On Saturday night at about 9.30pm a woman pepper-sprayed diners in the restaurant’s alfresco area, resulting in one woman being admitted to hospital.

Evelyn Mogridge, 39, was charged with possessing a controlled weapon and two counts of administering poison.

She fronted the magistrate’s court on Monday with The West Australian quoting her as telling the magistrate “you are not a very wise woman. You have no authority to speak” and pulling out both the F and C word mid-hearing.

Mr Psaros says more needs to be done to curb violent and threatening behaviour in the area.

“Certainly from what I can see there’s a lack of action from the top,” he says.

Three years after that crisis meeting, he says; “I don’t think enough is happening at all,” and added that grievances fall on “deaf ears”.

The park is a gathering point for the homeless and for those going to Manna Inc’s free hot meal service, running five days a week.

“I’m sympathetic of what the disadvantaged are going through, but the behaviour is not acceptable,” Mr Psaros told the Voice.

Aside from the anti-social troubles, his restaurant is excellent. Check out the Perth Voice’s food review in our May 26 edition at

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