The scent of approval

A CONTROVERSIAL anti-vaccination billboard advert on Brisbane Street has been replaced after being defaced by scornful graffiti.

The ad, which directs people to US anti-vaccination group Learn The Risk, asked; “Do you know what’s in a vaccine?”.

The Australian Medical Association WA labelled it “appalling” and “promoting lies and conspiracy theories”.

Last weekend the contentious ad was vandalised with someone painting over the website address and replacing it with: “A: Common Sense.”

The Voice understands the ad was supposed to be up for four weeks, but by Tuesday (June 19) it had been replaced by an advert for scented candles.

• The anti-vaccination ad has been replaced with one for scented candles. They smell nice – and are safe.


The billboard is managed by APN Outdoor, and its standard policy is to remove vandalised signs for re-printing, so the anti-vaccination ad may return.

After concerned locals contacted Vincent mayor Emma Cole, she issued a statement Friday: “We have thoroughly investigated whether we have the power to get the advertising on the billboard taken down.

“Unfortunately we don’t have that authority.

“The billboard structure has permanent approval and our regulatory authority does not extend to the content of the advertising on the billboard.”

However the city did submit a complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau.


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