CBD mutt crackdown

PERTH council rangers are cracking down on irresponsible dog owners who can’t control their pets.

While many designer inner-city pooches aren’t much bigger than your common rat, there was a bad dog attack in Northbridge on April 28.

A man on Francis Street was attacked by a large hound described as either a pitbull or staffy cross, and had to go to Royal Perth Hospital to get 57 internal stitches. The owner walked off.

In the wake of the attack, City of Perth commissioner Gaye McMath announced: “The city is taking an active stance to ensure owners are compliant with regulations to reduce the risk of anyone being bitten, or other dogs being attacked.

“The initial phase of the operation will be educational, focusing on identifying breaches and discussing issues with owners.

“Any continued breaches will then be met with infringements being issued.

“Rangers are taking this action to make parks and reserves as safe as they can be for people, especially children.”

Rangers will target dogs that are off-lead in leashed areas and ensure they are microchipped and registered.


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