Too much to Bear

BAYSWATER councillor Brent Fleeton will resign on June 29, saying the role is so demanding he’s had to rehome his german shepherd, Bear.

“Being a councillor is a tough and interesting job,” his statement read.

“When I ran for election in 2015 I didn’t fully appreciate what the role entailed.

“The complexities and the demands were something I was happy to carry while raising issues I campaigned on and pressing the city on things I believe a lot of people cared about in the wider community.”

• Cr Brent Fleeton and his beloved German Shepherd Bear.

“Over the past few weeks I have increasingly found myself working long days and nights setting up my own business. That meant I was not dedicating sufficient time towards the role of representing ratepayers and residents in the city of Bayswater. Add in the goal of trying to be reasonably healthy and staying mentally fit, something had to give,” Cr Fleeton said.

It got to the point where he didn’t have enough time for his beloved dog: “I’ve had to send my best mate Bear up to live with my parents in Geraldton because the late nights meant I couldn’t look after him properly. This was a hard decision to make, considering his german shepherd good looks featuring in my campaign photos probably won me those extra 54 votes to get me over the line!”

A postal by-election has been scheduled for later this year and Mr Fleeton says he feels bad about throwing in the towel, but hanging around is “not fair on the community I am supposed to be serving week-in week-out, to be increasingly disengaged from what’s happening locally.”

Bayswater mayor Dan Bull acknowledged Mr Fleeton as “a firm believer of transparent and open governance”, who’d focused on ensuring local government sticks to its core focus.

His new business will partly involve helping small companies navigate the bureaucracy of local government.


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