Daffy’s plight

A POOR duck with its neck constricted by plastic has been evading rescue efforts for more than two weeks at Lightning Swamp bushland in Noranda.

Photographer Muneer Al Shanti was at the bushland on Sunday July 1 when he spotted the Pacific black duck and took a picture.

At first he didn’t realise what was around the bird’s neck, thinking it was too big to be a tracking device.

• This unfortunate duck at Lightning Swamp got plastic stuck on its neck. Photo by Muneer Al Shanti

When he took a look at the photos and boosted the brightness he saw it was a piece of plastic, possibly a discarded coffee cup lid.

Members of WA Sea Bird Rescue have made several attempts to rescue the duck, sending people out there every day for weeks, but it’s too timid and won’t come close.

They briefly netted the duck on July 12, but it escaped.

Friends of Lightning Swamp posted on Facebook they were keeping an eye out for the stricken bird.


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