Pining a lost landmark

THIS month Victoria Gardens in East Perth will say goodbye to its oldest resident – a tree more than 140 years old.

The Hoop Pine was one of the first trees in the 1877 garden – the same year WA got its first, single telegraph line connecting Sandgropers to the rest of Australia.

Jeff Broun from the East Perth Community Safety Group says the tree has “been on life support for a while”.

“It is a sad day for our oldest resident of East Perth,” he says.

• Jeff Broun beside the ancient Hoop Pine. Photo by Steve Grant

As a tribute they are holding a “goodbye” on Sunday July 29.

Perth council’s veteran gardener Alan Dolphin, who’s been with the city since 1975, will be onsite with information about the tree and to answer any questions.

Rather than having the tree woodchipped, the group is arranging for it to be carefully taken down, then cut up at a mill.

Drying out will take about a year, and in the meantime they want to hear ideas on what to make out of their share of the  timber (email or call Mr Broun on 041 993 4623).  It’s a high quality timber, often used for joinery and furniture.  The tree farewell, which coincides with National Tree Day, is at 3pm at Victoria Gardens, at the end of Royal Street.


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