Lib poster boy

WA Labor’s “Missing” posters have gone, well, missing.

Last week the party put up posters across the city, poking fun at the Liberal party for not fielding a candidate for the federal Perth by-election on July 28.

Now the “missing” posters are missing, and when we contacted Labor HQ to ask if they took them down, they didn’t get back to us.

Perth candidate Paul Collins says Labor’s cheeky poster campaign has backfired and gave him some free publicity.

• These Labor posters were all over Perth last week. Photo courtesy Paul Collins

He’s a Liberal party member who’s running as an independent, after feeling let down that  the Blues didn’t field a candidate.

“Apart from the fact many of the posters are illegally placed on street poles and at signalled intersections, the posters have been a great help to me because they are encouraging the electors to actually look for a Liberal candidate,” Mr Collins says.

He says he’s the only member of the Liberal party running in the by-election, but acknowledges he’s had disagreements with the party in the past over issues like council amalgamations.

The posters were authorised by E. Whiteaker, WA Labor, 54 Cheriton St, Perth.


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