Parking fee relief

PERTH council has lowered parking fees at Point Fraser car park by one dollar, acknowledging the $4 per hour charge was deterring customers.

But Anne Bontempo, a one-time contender for lord mayor in 2011, wants the lower parking fees extended throughout the city.

“If the decision is made to reduce parking fees at this location to ease the burden, will the city consider doing so across the whole local government area?” asked Ms Bontempo, a spokesperson for the King Street Precinct, during council’s public question time.

Parking fees

Perth chair commissioner Eric Lumsden said the former suspended council had a “broad based policy, which is what I’d call a one-size fits all approach” and they needed to look at it precinct by precinct.

“Very clearly, Point Fraser is not a CBD site, and is totally different to other sites in East Perth.”

When restaurant Ku De Ta went into administration last month the owners said the high parking fees at Point Fraser were partly to blame.

The city says fees there were set fairly high – $4 an hour during the day, a flat rate of $12 from 6pm to 6am – at the request of “On The Point”, a privately-run hospitality precinct which wanted a high turnover of customers.

The city dropped the fees to $3 an hour or $10 overnight.

“The competitors of our businesses are the adjoining local government areas such as the town of Victoria Park with the Albany Highway strip, Oxford Street in Leederville…so it’s important that the city takes a competitive stance with its parking,” said Perth city commissioner Andrew Hammond.


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