MP bags Coles

JUST one month after the state government banned single-use plastic bags, Coles has announced they’ll give away reusable ones instead.

Perth MP John Carey spent years advocating for a plastic bag ban and says the Coles giveaway undermines the intention of the law.

“I’m calling on Coles to change their position. It is high farce and poor leadership by them.”

He says continuing to give away bags gives people no incentive to get their own reusable ones and stop chucking away plastic.

Coles released a statement saying they decided to give away reusable bags after feedback from angry customers who got to the till and found out they had to pay for bags.

• Transition Town Vincent were teaching people how to fold newspapers into bin liners on the weekend at the Mezz shopping centre in Mt Hawthorn.

Mr Carey says they’re underestimating the community and highlights the work done by environmental group Transition Town Vincent.

Even before the bag ban they stocked the Mezz shopping centre with free reusable ones for people to borrow if they forgot their own.

Transition Town’s Carolyn Groves says the “boomerang bags” project has been a roaring success.

“It’s been overly popular!” she laughs, asking us to remind readers who might’ve borrowed bags to return them when they can. People around the Mezz and Mount Hawthorn and the city of Vincent are doing their best with boomerang bags, and we like to make it easy for people to transition,” she says.

On the weekend, Transition Town were at the Mezz showing people how to make a bin liner out of folded newspaper.

“There’s a lot of people thinking they’ll not have anything to line their bins without the disposable plastic bags, and this was showing them that there is an alternative,” she says.

“Even just grab your community newspaper after you’ve read it and use that!”


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