Green light for markets

Photo courtesy David Grislain

THE beloved Kyilla Community Farmer’s Market has been given the green light to operate for another five years.

Noting the success of the markets, Vincent councillors unanimously approved another five-year permit and voted to waive the $56,160 reserve hire fee at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The market, run by Kyilla primary school and the pre-primary P&Cs, attracts about 500 people a week and up to 2000 when they have special events.

Funds raised from stall fees are used to buy educational resources for the school.

Vincent councillor Dan Loden, who moved the motion to renew the permit, said: “The Kyilla market is a great asset in our community and something we should be supporting.”

Vincent mayor Emma Cole told the meeting “the Kyilla Farmers Market is a great success story in the city of Vincent. We’ve seen farmers markets come and go, and this has got the exact right ingredients for success,” being community-driven and attracting people back.

Councillor Joanne Fotakis noted the bacon and egg wraps were one of the many “valuable additions” the markets had made to the community.

It runs every Saturday 8am to 11.30am at Kyilla Park, if you want to try those wraps.


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