Threats follow oil spill report

A BAYSWATER local who reported a local garage for illegally dumping waste on Whatley Crescent has been the victim of veiled threats of rape and violence.

Last Sunday October 6 Bayswater resident Charlie Bellamy filmed black sludge being emptied into stormwater drains leading to the Swan River (“Caught in the act,” Voice, October 13, 2018).

Bayswater council is now investigating, but following the Voice’s report, Mr Bellamy was the subject of disturbing posts on a Facebook page linked to the online car forum

“What you need is someone with a really big dick,” wrote forum contributor “Pepito George”.

“You can bash a man, his bruises will heal and he will forget about it. But you rape a man, he has nightmares every time he closes his eyes, and takes that memory to the grave”.

This week the general manager of the garage’s parent company Car Craft, Peter McMahon, wrote to the Voice saying a contractor was responsible for the discharge.

“The method of disposal of the waste water by Kenilworth Contracting was not authorised or approved by Meltham Motors,” Mr McMahon wrote.

“I understand that Meltham Motors deeply regrets the actions of the contractor”.

Driveway skids

The administrator of posted on the group’s Facebook page that the garage had been unfairly blamed.

“While some would love to see a 4th gear skid on gate past his bedroom window at 3am, that’s not what’s needed here,” the administrator wrote.

They didn’t name Mr Bellamy specifically, instead using the pseudonym “Mr B”.

“Instead, if you or anyone you know needs panel & paint work done, tag them or book in with Melthams soon and show this bored hippie fuckwit that his personal vendetta against Melthams won’t be successful.” then advised followers to leave positive ratings on Meltham Motors’ Google reviews page to offset the multiple one-star reviews people had posted in the wake of the dumping.

Several people posted they’d be up for some 3am skiddies past the house, with others threatening violence.

“Glue a transmission to his driveway,” Jim Pizzey suggested.

“Time for some driveway skids again??” Phil Pracas pondered.

Mr Bellamy wasn’t fazed by the online posturing. “All good,” a relaxed-sounding Mr Bellamy told us this week, “I’m not worried”.

He doesn’t feel the letter from the contractor absolves the garage, as several staff were on site when it happened. He says the council report will vindicate his stance.

The garage or contractor could be hit with a $5000 fine and a hefty clean-up bill if the council decide they’re responsible.


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2 responses to “Threats follow oil spill report

  1. Dear David Bell, the language and use of names in this article are completely inappropriate for use on the website and front page news.
    The editor/ approver should also be held accountable for this disgraceful article.

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