He’s not half funny

COMEDIAN Craig Quartermaine weaves Aboriginal politics into jokes that will make you laugh and squirm.

The Perth Nyoongar used to drive trucks for the mining industry and had a spell as an apprentice chef, but he left that all behind after winning a broadcasting scholarship with ABC Radio.

Urbane, with a sharp and wicked wit, Quartermaine soon became the WA correspondent for the National Indigenous Television Network.

He contributed to Australia’s first Aboriginal sketch show, the hugely popular Black Comedy, and has appeared on Tonightly with Tom Ballard.

Quartermaine’s 2018 send-up of Aboriginal male stereotypes on Triple J went viral with more than one million hits in 48 hours.

Seven years as an ABC journalist threatened Quartermaine’s sense of humour, so he switched from journalism to stand-up comedy.

• Craig Quartermain weaves jokes to make you squirm.

“It’s the editing process: You have covered a story you put your heart into it and someone four thousand km away in ABC headquarters changes it.

“The appeal of stand up is it’s all on me.”

He’s performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and introduced UK audiences to the Australian race dynamic with the opening line, “black and white relations in Australia is like the way the English treat the Polish. But they’re doing it in Poland.”

On December 19 you can enjoy Quartermaine’s razor-sharp humour at The Laugh Resort, Perth’s longest running comedy club and Australia’s only incorporated association run by the comedy industry.

“We’ve been the launching pad for comedians including Dave Callan, Rove, Claire Hooper, Jim Jefferies and Hughesy,” president Alex Manfrin says.

And Voice cartoonist Jason Chatfield honed his skills there, before moving to the US and performing stand-up in New York.

For details go to thelaughresort.com.au 


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