This kitchen rules

THE Vincent Community Kitchen has been a huge success with double the number of people attending this month’s event.

The Kitchen aims to share healthy affordable meals and build community spirit while diverting food from the dump, where it can contribute to global warming.

Debut dinner

At their debut dinner in November last year they used 100kg of unwanted food to whip-up a huge spread.

Local retailers have been chipping in with unsold stock, and nothing goes to waste with any leftovers used for compost, worm farms, or fed to chickens.

VCK founder Theresa Youngs-Lachmund got the idea from a similar project she saw in London.

At this year’s event on January 13, 30 people helped kicked off the cooking and another 20 came for the meal, with organisers frantically adding tables and place settings as numbers surged.

One guest dropped by because “I was all set to serve up leftover cabbage rolls for my family’s Sunday dinner, when my husband suddenly remembered this event, and we bolted round to the town hall,” and added it turned out to be “such an incredible dinner”.

Ms Youngs-Lachmund said it “was such a fun frenzy in the kitchen all afternoon as volunteers donned their aprons and went to business; everyone helping everyone”.

The community kitchen are now doing events on the second Sunday of every month.

Their next event is February 10, with cooking kicking off at 3pm and meals from 6pm. It’s scheduled for North Perth Town Hall, but keep an eye on in case the venue changes.


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