Taking a turn for the worse

• Jan Wilkie was left bleeding and bruised after the crash (top) while her late-model Mazda 6 was a write-off (above).

A PLAN to allow only left-hand turns on a dangerous intersection in Mount Lawley has come under fire from residents who say it will foist the problem onto their streets.

Stirling council has received funding from the state government’s Black Spot program to modify the intersection of Second Avenue and Carrington Street following several serious accidents there in the past couple of years.

One of the prangs involved prominent local real estate agent Jan Wilkie who was hospitalised after her Mazda station wagon was cleaned up by a Toll van two years ago, but she’s livid about the proposed changes.

Ms Wilkie says forcing drivers to turn will push the problems onto Fourth and First Avenues, and could even be worse at the latter because a hill means cars will be travelling even faster.


“It’s like shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic,” she told the Voice.

Ms Wilkie says a week before Christmas last year she came across another crash at the intersection where someone’s fence was damaged.

“I was really shaken, so I rang Simon Millman’s office to see if anything was being done to improve things.”

She says the reply, including the proposed plans, arrived last week and showed Stirling was ready to start works in May. She believes the council should have consulted first.

“What about Perth College? They weren’t consulted. What about their drop-offs and pick-ups; there’s plenty of parents coming from that direction.”

Ms Wilkie believes a roundabout is the best solution, but the council’s chief engineer says that’s not possible.

“There is unfortunately insufficient space to accommodate a roundabout within the existing road reserve, so the most cost effective solution to address the major crash types is to restrict some of the problem movements,” engineering design manager Paul Giamov wrote to Ms Wilkie.

He promised the council would monitor any impacts on surrounding streets caused by the modification.

A First Ave resident of 10 years contacted the Voice to back Ms Wilkie’s campaign to have the design scrapped, saying her street is already dangerous.

“In our view the problem is not with the Second Ave intersection per se,” she said, blaming the hill that caused cars to speed up.

“The cars do not have much time once over the hill till they approach the First and Second Ave intersections.

“What is needed is a solution to assist both the First and Second Ave intersections, and that is to slow traffic on Carrington.

Rat running

“The currently proposed solution will only have any benefit for the Second Ave intersection.”

“On First Ave there are too many cars, too much rat running and especially too much speeding from vehicles turning off Railway Parade. It is difficult to accept that there is now a further proposal that would increase traffic on First Ave.”

Ms Wilkie says since raising her concerns publicly, she’s had a groundswell of support for organising a public meeting. She’s yet to find a date or time but is interested in hearing from any supporters and can be contacted on janwilkie@westnet.com.au or 0418 924 279.

Stirling council was contacted for comment.


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