Great Western Woodlands Photography Exhibition

Great Western Woodlands Photography Exhibition
14 March – 17 March 2019

The Wilderness Society WA is asking the community to join them for a celebration of the Great Western Woodlands, the largest temperate woodland left on earth.

State Director, Kit Sainsbury, commented: “We welcome all to come and see a stunning collection of photographic images, showcasing one of Western Australia’s most iconic regions. We have chosen a selection of professional, amateur and junior photographer’s work to highlight the natural beauty of this oft-forgotten part of Western Australia. The winning and runner-up selections from the Wilderness Society’s inaugural Great Western Woodlands photography competition will be displayed, along with a variety of other works for sale.”

Jenarden Clarke-Jayan – Birb

“For context, The Great Western Woodlands covers 16 million hectares, over twice the size of Tasmania. The Woodlands are home to over 20 percent of Australia’s eucalypts, over 3000 different flowering plant species, and they provide refuge for countless bird and animal species.”

“There’s nowhere else in the world like it. It supports biodiversity that keeps our climate in check. But the Great Western Woodlands needs formal recognition, not more mining. We hope this exhibition will encourage more awareness of how these trees and soils store 950 million tonnes of carbon – that’s more than Australia emits in an entire year.”

Jane Putland – A Foggy Sunrise Moment

Community Organiser, Marcel Teschendorff added: “Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see a combination of images from emerging local photographers and established professionals who’ve dedicated years to capturing this raw and rugged part of our home state. Take some time out to enjoy a taste of the wilderness right in the heart of the city”.

Val Marsden – Pink Eremophila

If you can’t make the opening night, the exhibition will also be open from 10am-4pm Friday 15 & Saturday 16 March and until 2pm on Sunday 17 March.

The Wilderness Society would like to thank Lotterywest for their support in enabling this exhibition.

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