Still swinging

AFTER 60 years of birdies, mulligans and the odd hole in one, the Veteran Women Golfers’ Association still hits the course every month.

The ladies drag behind them heavy golf trolleys and a legacy of friendship and laughs.

In the same year Fidel Cas1tro seized power in Cuba, 1959, the Cottesloe Golf Club formed the Veteran Women Golfers’ Association of WA.

It quickly became a popular place for ladies to hit a few balls and have a good old chinwag.

Association president Julie Nielsen says the charm of the group stems from its welcoming atmosphere.

“As president I find it’s important to maintain the integrity of why the association started,” she says.

“It was to promote a social get together, without the competitiveness of golf which you often find in a club.”

On the first Monday of each month, the ladies get together and tee off at a different club with different women.

At midday, golfers convene at the “19th hole” for a light lunch and some hearty conversation.

To join you must be female and over 50: email

The season kicks off March 18.


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