Inglewood blossoms

THE plan for a community garden at Inglewood Oval is out for comment and locals are calling for public support to help it blossom.

The Inglewood Bowls and Sports Club is keen, more than 300 locals have signed a petition in favour, and Mount Lawley MP Simon Millman even gave the proposed garden a plug in parliament.

“Community gardens are exactly as the name suggests,” Mr Millman told MPs last week.

“They are about coming together as a community and cultivating not just delicious fruit, vegetables and herbs, but also our relationships with our neighbours.

“They are about growing closer together as the growth of our city sees us living closer together.”

• Inglewood Community Garden backers Anthony Ridolfo, Simon Millman (with his Mt Lawley Hardware shovel), Paul Stein and Damian Lukich.

Mr Millman said locals like Anthony Ridolfo, Paul Stein and Damian Lukich (pictured) had “planted the seed of this idea in the fertile soil of Jin Gee Jer Dup, the Noongar name for Mt Lawley, which means ‘home of the honeyeater’.”

The garden proposal is out for comment at

Stirling council’s FAQ notes it “will only be approved by council if community consultation shows strong community support for the garden and interest to participate”.

There’s an information session on March 9 at 10am at the proposed site: Inglewood Oval, 1 Stancliffe Street.

Technically it’s in Mt Lawley, but the oval borders Inglewood.


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