A talent blooming

ODETTE’S music has been described as noir beat poetry and her songs have a haunting, mesmerising quality.

She’s back in Perth next month as part of her national Lotus Eater tour.

The 21-year-old has barely paused for breath after returning from a whirlwind tour that took in London, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam and Geneva.

“And the SXSW Festival in Texas,” she says.

Lotus Eater is the title of a song on her debut album To a Stranger, which earned Odette two Aria nominations and a number 57 spot in Triple J’s Hottest 100.

The album is a musical journey through her late teens to young adulthood, mapping out every scar and heartbreak.

Odette was 15 when she wrote Lotus.

“I was walking home and observing things around me,” she tells the Voice.

“I was coming home to a lot of stuff and needed an outlet.”

The song’s lyrics defy her tender age and convey the emotional turmoil she was going through:

‘I remember the times you used to think I was high

But I was too busy watching the waves of emotion

Crash over people like the tides in the ocean…

Give me life, give me love, give me lust

I’m sorry I know I ask for too much

That’s because I know

It will never be enough.’

The singer/songwriter was born in the UK and grew up in Sydney’s inner western suburbs.

She learnt piano as a young child and was influenced by the soul and funk records played by her mum.

Her English dad came from a long line of jazz musicians and introduced her to new wave jazz.

You can catch Odette at Jack Rabbit Slims on Aberdeen Street in Northbridge April 20, and at Freo Social on Parry Street, April 21.


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