Potz luck

RESTAURANTS on Beaufort Street have had their struggles of late, but the popular Miss Potz is about to celebrate its third birthday.

Tucked away at the end of Beaux Lane – unofficially known as food heaven – the place was pretty busy on a weeknight and we went unnoticed for a while.

On the plus side it gave us more time to peruse the menu.

Miss Potz bills itself as an Asian tapas joint, but there’s a decent number of main-style dishes on offer.

We started with the jumping whitebait ($11.50) – a bowl of tiny, deep-fried fishies cooked to a nice crunch.

Tour of textures

They weren’t greasy and the red vinaigrette drizzled on top gave the fish a refreshing bite.

Miss Potz’s tofu ($11.50) comes salted and fried, and again passed the glugginess test, feeling light and crispy on the palate.

The dish is topped with shallots, peanuts and coriander, which makes for an exciting tour of textures and consistencies.

The pork ribs ($18.50) was our meaty selection. The sticky ribs are coated in a thick, deliciously rich black pepper sauce, and served with an Asian slaw.

Cute smallish and eaten off the bone, they’re fiddly but tasty.

A refreshing follow-up was the vegetarian papaya salad ($16.50 or $21.90 with crisped soft shell crab).

The papaya is pickled in-house, then julienned and served with a scattering of crispy tofu and crushed peanuts.

For a salad it’s pretty substantial and almost a meal in itself.

There are larger dishes if you’re ravenous, such as the the orange-glazed bbq pork ribs ($33), the duck red curry ($38) and the bebek betutu (gf), a Balinese roast duck.

But the ‘tapas’ dishes aren’t tiny and we were full after eating five of the smaller ones.

The wide range of dishes and portion sizes at Miss Potz make it a unique venue that is popular with punters.

This cute eatery has a nice buzz when busy, and the staff were friendly once they found us.


Miss Potz
3/609 Beaufort Street (Beaux Lane)
Dinner Tuesday-Sunday
Lunch Friday-Sunday

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