LETTER 23.3.19

A sobering thought
ON March 1 the WA Public Health Advocacy Institute, the WA Local Government Association and the Mental Health Commission launched the local government alcohol management guidelines in Perth.
The guide supports local governments to address alcohol-related issues within their communities and create a safe and healthy place for people to work, live and play.
However in last week’s edition of the Voice there is a different story in the article “Tippling Tapas”.
Vincent mayor Emma Cole and the City of Vincent are planning to give support to two businesses and are planning to remove the liquor ban policy permanently.
Mayor Cole said the parklets should reflect the business that hosts them.
“And in the case of a small tapas bar…when you’re having your patatas bravas, surely that glass of wine is a normal thing to have.”
Who decides what is normal? Surely not the mayor.
“I think it will add to the overall activity of the street and dare I say, vibrancy,” Cr Ros Harley said.
We already have our streets and footpaths cluttered with outside tables and chairs, dogs, strollers and so on.
Now we are to have more drinking on the footpaths as well.
This does not make our streets person-friendly, nor “a safe and healthy place”. Oxford Street has been ruined.
On some evenings one has to walk single-file.
Vibrancy? No.
Hope Alexander
West Perth

A penny for your thoughts
I EXPECT that people checking vending machines in the hope of finding a lost coin will continue as long as vending machines exist.
It also seems certain that certain security guards and members of the public will come down like a ton of bricks on those poor individuals hoping to reach their daily target.
What a dilemma for all involved.
One heavyweight official at TAFE Northbridge is doing his darndest to make certain this individual, the one writing this article, does not dare to continue checking the machines in the Aberdeen Street complex.
Built like a brick dunny, ranting and raving, he likens coin chasers to law breakers of extreme nuisance–even though they rarely if ever find anything.
He refers to a 1913 law and expects everybody should know about it.
I would be interested in gauging the public opinion on this matter.
Is it thieving or gleaning? Would burning at the stake be sufficient punishment?
Raymond Conder,
Central Avenue, Inglewood

Tummy grumbles
I WAS left wondering why the food review in last week’s Voice featured a business located in Fremantle?
Surely there are more than enough food outlets in the area the Voice covers that could be reviewed without the need to promote businesses that are irrelevant to “local” readers?
Also a half page ad for the Portside Traders Market made me think perhaps I was reading a copy of the Fremantle Herald.
Try and keep the contents of our local paper local please.
Ed says: Our long-serving food critic Jenny D’Anger did visit a Perth eatery last week, but the food was so bad she couldn’t write up the review. Our policy is notify the business of the horrible food by email, rather than lambast them in public and possibly force them out of business. I’m sure many of our readers do visit Fremantle for a bite to eat so they would have still enjoyed the review.

Buggy that
REGARDING the story “Life in the slow lane” in last week’s Voice.
Why not bring back the horse and buggy?
What has happened to common sense?
Make bigger and wider roads and footpaths to accommodate cars and pedestrians.
Edwin Michael
North Lake Road, Alfred Cove

Trickle runs dry
WAS it just me or was anyone else amazed to read there were calls to freeze minimum wages?
I’m sure many of us remember only a few months ago Sco Mo explaining the benefits of trickledown economics and how the tax breaks for small business would flow on down to low-paid workers that had lost penalty rates.
Sounds great so everyone is going to be happy?
I decided to see if there is any evidence that this actually works. Well, our PM is a very smart man who seems to know something no one does.
JJ Paterson
Wood St, White Gum valley

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