Another dolphin death

WE killed another one.

A baby dolphin recently died after becoming entangled in a crab pot in the Swan River.

The dead calf was found in Claremont Bay on Monday.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife said: “the dead calf has since been freed from the crab pot, but remains in the water with the mother dolphin as she grieves.

“Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures and are known to stay with their young for a period of time following a death.

• Dolphin mother Moon grieves with her baby’s dead body. Photo

Fishing lines

“We will continue to monitor the pair and remove the calf when appropriate to do so. We ask the public to stay well away from the dolphin and her dead calf during this time.

“This is a timely reminder to safely dispose of all fishing lines and ropes and report any tangled wildlife immediately to the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.”

The department had posted a happy photo of Moon and her playful newborn swimming in the Swan just weeks before on March 18.

In August last year, long-term Swan River resident dolphin Highnitch died after becoming entangled in fishing line. She had been tangled up for months before succumbing. Her baby Splash was found dead less than a week later, also entangled in fishing line and trailing a plastic bag.


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