BURNING through the latest Noam Chomsky tome might lift your IQ a few points, but the harsh reality is that it’ll do diddly for your waistline.

But thanks to Stirling council, bookworms will now be able to catch up with their favourite authors while burning enough calories to keep them trim, taught and terrific.

Earlier this month, all six of the council’s libraries were fitted out with new exercise bikes that come with a table attached to the front.

• Stirling mayor Mark Irwin and library member Mandy Murphy try out the new booksercise machines.

Stirling mayor Mark Irwin tried one of the exercise bikes out while thumbing through a cycling magazine and was suitably impressed.

“It’s a creative way to bring more people into our libraries, and I’m all for that as libraries are such a great local resource,” Mr Irwin said.

Apparently in the first couple of weeks the bikes have been a big hit, with users of all ages keen for a spin while they flip.

The Chook did a few calculations (on the way burning about 50 calories an hour), and we reckon that three half-hourly Harry Potter sessions each week will have you looking more Dobby than Hagrid by the time you’ve churned through all 3407 pages of the young wizard’s adventures.

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