Macri a boost to male-heavy lineup

I WAS stunned to discover that local standup Nicola Macri will be one of only six females performing at this year’s Perth Comedy Festival, while at least 35 blokes will take to the stage.

“God, is that true? That’s shocking to me,” Macri told the Voice.

“Regardless of this, the fact that women are underrepresented in comedy gives me a massive motivation boost.

“Just the fact that I’m doing it as a woman is what I’m proud of the most.”

Macri grew up with two sisters who also went into show business.

Her older sister, who goes by the stage name Veruca Sour, was recently crowned Miss Burlesque WA in 2017.

• Nicola Macri

“We all danced growing up and we all enjoyed comedy,” says Macri.

“My dad and I enjoyed a lot of classic comedy films together like the Three Amigos with Steve Martin, which we would watch over and over.”

Macri was introduced to the world of stand-up comedy via the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and admired comics like Danny Bhoy, Dave Callan and Daniel Kitson.

“I was 12 when I first watched the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala on VHS in 2003,” says Macri.

As I grew older I was more academically inclined and I went down the path of becoming a lawyer.”

Macri eventually dropped out of law school in 2012 and spent a year doing open mics, but she became disenchanted after some unsettling experiences.

“The local scene was very male dominated and I had some dodgy things happen to me,” Macri tells the Voice.

“In 2017 I had some encouragement from other comedians on the scene, so I wrote my first show called The Nicest Person in the Room, which lead to my first Fringe Show in 2018, Your Welcome, which I’m performing at this year’s Perth Comedy Festival.”

Macri describes her award-winning show as warm-hearted and cerebral. Her material is packed with pearls of wisdom and handy techniques for
daily life.

“If I could offer my audience members any advice, it’s bran cereal,” says Macri.

“Bran cereal will change your life. Being regular can really change your whole perspective on your entire day.”

Nicola Macri will perform at the Perth Comedy Festival on May17-18 at the Regal Theatre. Tickets and details at


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