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THAI hospitality is renowned for being uber polite and demure, so when I heard of a Thai restaurant called Louder Louder in Northbridge I had to check it out.

Formerly the Wok Street Chow House, the new owners have done extensive renovations, and the dark woods and detailed interior were inviting on a hot day.

Coconut milk

But it was not very Louder inside, so we decided to have lunch in the al fresco, enjoying the breeze and bustling activity on Lake Street.

Ensconced in a bubble of attentive service, I sat with a cool drink and perused the dishes on the menu, which are graded 1-4 loudspeakers; the “loudness” indicating the spiciness.

I ordered the recommended special–the Massaman curry ($29).

It may seem extravagant spending nearly $30 on a lunchtime curry, but it was phenomenal and well worth the money.

The presentation was like a work of art: a large incredibly-tender beef rib was flanked by a decorative trail of coconut milk, with a sprig of coriander and a row of manicured pineapple chunks bringing up the rear.

Fried onion and peanuts were placed with actual care on top, and the dish also came with a large cinnamon stick.

We couldn’t leave without trying that old stalwart–the Thai Green Curry ($24).

Featuring large, tender pieces of Maryland chicken and heirloom green tomatoes, it was a delight, with one loudspeaker being spicy enough.

Despite its name, Louder Louder is a quiet achiever–a humble yet screamingly-good combination of top notch ingredients, artistic presentation and thoughtful staff.

Its fresh take on Thai is well worth checking out.


Louder Louder
47 Lake Street Northbridge
9228 9358

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