Fresh as a daisy

AFTER a gruelling long-haul flight from the UK, D’Angerous Dave’s dad was delighted to chillax in the City Farm Cafe garden.

Surrounded by soothing greenery and with autumn sunshine caressing our backs, we perused the menu.

The cafe boasts a paddock-to-plate experience, and with acres of edible greens and free-range eggs close at hand, everything is as fresh as a daisy.

When my father-in-law spotted the tuna and potato cakes ($8.50) the menu was clamped shut – if only the rest of his countryfolk could be so decisive about Brexit.

Dave’s old boy was surprisingly lyrical after just one mouthful.

“They are full-flavoured, not too spicy and very enjoyable,” he said.

“I could have eaten another if I was pushed, but the portions are good.”


Meanwhile I was tucking into a sweet potato cheddar slice ($8.50), which was the perfect size for lunch, especially when I had one eye on the dessert trolley.

It was moist and dense with a delicious cheesy bite, and went particularly well with the roast vegetable salad ($8.50) we shared.

The freshness of the spicy rocket – plucked that morning from the garden – was exceptional and complemented the roast veggies.

Rocky road ($5.50) was a new dessert experience for the father-in-law and he wolfed down a chunky slice of chocolate-covered marshmallow and peanuts with glee; sighing with pleasure as he sipped his coffee.

I polished off a slice of coconut and almond cake ($6.50) that was moist and had just the right amount of sweetness for someone who is already sweet.


City Farm Cafe
1 City Farm Place, East Perth
Mon-Fri 7am-3pm,
Sat till noon

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