Scott rushing toward success

JAZZ singer/songwriter Holli Scott is inspired by the “small flickers of magic” hidden in everyday life.

“I try to bring out things everyone relates to. The things everyone deals with in their life,” the Yokine local says.

“Like the day I saw my mum crying for the first time.

“As a kid you think your parents are super human, but you realise they are just human.”

Growing up in the country, Scott would take any opportunity to show off her jazzy compositions for saxophone and clarinet, especially at school concerts.

But when she got to the WA Academy of Performing Arts, the instruments took a back seat and she focused on her jazz vocals.

“I fell in love with jazz when I was young; it suits my voice.”

During a WAAPA tour to Prague and Italy she got the chance to perform her compositions to an international audience in beautiful settings. “It was amazing,” Scott recalls.

The artist is set to launch her debut album Dust – written for her quintet Holli Scott and the Rush Hour Circus –at the Ellington Club in Perth.

“Rush hour is the lyrics in one of my earlier songs about the madness of the city as everyone goes to work.”

The album, full of smoky atmospheric numbers, features some of Australia’s finest jazz musos: Jamie Oehlers (saxophone), Daniel Susnjar (drums), Karl Florisson (double bass) and Ben Matthews (piano).

“We are blessed with a pool of very talented artists here in Western Australia and I, other performers, patrons and Holli’s peers consider her to be in the top one per cent of that constantly expanding group,” Ellington manager Tony Wallace says.

Scott says she is influenced by jazz greats like Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughan, but also enjoys contemporary performers like Nick Cave.

You can catch Holli Scott and The Rush Hour Circus at the Ellington Friday May 17. Tickets at


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