Crossed off

IT’S taken a little while to switch the lights on but the Vincent Street pedestrian crossing near Beatty Park is now in working order, reuniting two halves of a neighbourhood split by the busy street.

It was one of three crossings installed as election pledges by Perth MP John Carey.

“People say these are only small things, but to the community, getting your kids across the road safely is important, and it is stressful for parents having to cross a busy road,” Mr Carey said.

• Perth MP John Carey and Vincent mayor Emma Cole flank resident Molly Tipping, one of the locals who’d called for a crossing near Beatty Park.

In June he’ll be launching a Perth-wide online survey to identify pedestrian safety hotspots.

“It is the hot issue when I doorknock,” Mr Carey said.

Vincent council’s in the midst of a long-term attempt to wrest the streets back from cars: On April 29 they started a two-year trial of 40kmh speed zones in all the residential roads south of Vincent Street.

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