Good news for pedestrians

THERE’S good news for commuters struggling to get from public transport to their CBD offices on time.

Signal changes at two of the city’s busiest intersections – William/Hay and William/Murray Streets – have created twice as many crossing opportunities for pedestrians.

Gaye McMath, deputy chair commissioner of Perth council, said the changes would create a better experience for pedestrians.

“A key objective within the City of Perth’s transport strategy is the aspiration to develop a more walkable and pedestrian friendly city,” she said.

“Significant work has been undertaken with Main Roads WA to reduce traffic signal cycle times and now additional pedestrian phases have been introduced.

“The city has closely analysed the signal sequences at these intersections and determined that additional pedestrian phases will significantly improve walkability without materially impacting on vehicle traffic.

“During the weekday peak-hour periods, over 2000 people cross at each of these intersections, making them the city’s busiest locations for foot traffic.”

Pedestrians and motorists are advised to take extra caution while people adapt to the new signal sequences.

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