Council rebooted

AFTER years of dysfunction and controversy the City of Perth is wiping the slate clean and rebooting its senior management.

Over the past year its five directors have resigned and now the city is advertising on SEEK for four general managers to fill their shoes.

The ad states “The City of Perth is entering a new era of leadership, ending a period of uncertainty and disruption.

“Under the leadership of three independent commissioners and an experienced and respected CEO, a full review of the city’s management and internal operations has been undertaken, paving the way for a fresh and united approach.”

It’s been one controversy after another at the city, starting with the Corruption and Crime Commission’s probe into lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi, and then CEO Martin Mileham going on prolonged stress leave before resigning. The current CEO Murray Jorgensen was appointed in November, and was quoted in The West Australian as saying all five of the city’s directors had resigned in the past year, and they’d been surviving on two acting directors covering five roles.

The five directorships will be “streamlined” into four “alliances” led by general managers, who’ll have a total package of $300,000 each, including car allowance and super.

The ad states “as an executive team member you will…stand by and publicly support executive decisions” and “candidates are not only selected for their individual merits, but how they will perform collectively as part of the new leadership team”.

The council is currently suspended during the state government inquiry into the city, but councillor Reece Harley has been keeping an eye on proceedings and wrote on his councillor Facebook page: “I am disappointed that there has not been more transparency about these changes. Two of the original five directors are still listed on the City of Perth’s website.

“Were these staff made redundant, did they simply give up their lucrative entitlements or were they forced out, and under what circumstances and at what cost to the budget?

“Our stakeholders, business leaders, community groups and industry representatives deserve to know who the key management of the city are during this period of renewal.”

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