Good Sammy gets benched

• This note could have been nicer, our correspondent feels.


A KIND local who put out chairs for people at De Lacey Park has been given a stern “authoritarian” warning from Bayswater council to get rid of them.

There’s a tight-knit dogwalking community at De Lacey and about a year and a half ago someone put chairs out for them.

Previously donated furniture had gone missing, so they bolted the chairs together and they were regularly used by dogwalkers and folk using public barbecues.

Recently the dogwalkers showed up to find a terse note saying the chairs were not fit for general community use, and “the city therefore instructs the owner of this seating to arrange for its immediate removal from site”.

It said “appropriate bench seating will be provided by the city within this general area in the coming weeks”.

One local called the Voice after reading about the City of Bayswater improving its community engagement in recent years.


She said the “authoritarian” note didn’t gel with their new consultative image.

She said if the council had sent along a staffer for a friendly chat everyone would’ve been understanding: They could’ve collaborated on what furniture they needed and the best spot for it.

“Wouldn’t it have been nice to say, ‘hey, we’ve noticed some chairs gathered here, you obviously need them, let’s get together and have a chat about what you need’,” our correspondent said.

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