Vincent mulls caretaker mode

THE City of Vincent is proposing new “caretaker” rules to stop councillors splashing cash on policies that would boost their re-election chances.

The new rules are designed “to protect the apolitical nature of the public sector and avoid the use of city resources that advantages a particular candidate,” a report to council states.

Under the proposal, during the 37 days between close of council nominations and election day, the city would not make “major policy decisions,” appoint a CEO or announce new sponsorships of more than $20,000.

A councillor could also not request staff to put work into a report “that, in the CEO’s opinion, could be perceived within the general community as an electoral issue and has the potential to call into question whether decisions are soundly based and in the best interests of the community”.

Councillors will vote whether to approve the draft rules at the next meeting, and then it’ll go out for public comment.

Perth and Stirling councils have caretaker periods, and Bayswater introduced similar rules in 2016 at the urging of now-retired councillor Brent Fleeton.

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