Just messing around

• Ramiah Alcantara, Caitlin McFeat and Tess Metcalf. Photo supplied.

EVIE is a typical 17-year-old who sneaks out to meet boys, masturbates furiously and tries desperately to be cool.

She’s the protagonist of See You Next Tuesday, a comedy play about adolescence written by Highgate’s Sam Nerida.

Nerida was a trifle nervous about mum being in the audience on opening night.

“There are small moments reflected in my life.

“Conversations about not wanting to talk to your mum about sex.

“I want to show a young woman with power, intelligence and a huge libido.

“Sex education in Australian and so many other places is absolutely pathetic, and I’m also sick of the sad, poetic virginity story.

“Sex should be fun, and teenagers are doing it – I want to talk about that.”

The comedy celebrates adolescence and all the messy stuff that comes with it, Nerida says.

“I tried to write her as mature and immature.”

Three actors play a different side of Evie.

One is worried about her future and disappointing her parents; the second is sexually-mature and ready to take on the world; and the third is desperate to be cool, to be liked, and to be seen wearing the right clothes.

“We get the whole picture of what it’s like to be a teenager,” Nerida says.

Prior to See You Next Tuesday opening, there will be a photo exhibition of the play’s actors at The Bird in Northbridge from May 27-June 15.

The play’s soundtrack, written by local musician Sakidasumi, will be also played at the exhibition opening.

See You Next Tuesday is on at the Blue Room Theatre, James Street, Northbridge June 18-July 6. Tix at http://www.blueroom.org.au


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