Blinded by the dark

IF you like black humour, A World of Dark Comedy will be right up your sardonic alley.

Now in its second year, the Perth festival screens comedy shorts from around the world that were deemed a bit too confronting for the more-established Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival.

• In Sausage, a graduate actor confronts the less glamorous side of the film industry.

Founder Greg Coffey says they have 13 delightfully black comedies lined up for this year.

“Filmmakers let their weird and crazed interpretations run wild in a festival that was made to show their imaginations, from the edgy, grisly, outrageous, cheeky and twisted side of comedy,” he says.


“They are bad, they are wrong, they push all the wrong buttons – but they are awesome.”

Writer’s Workshop, by US filmmaker Ryan Francis Johnson, is about the fall-out from a brutal critique of an author’s work.

“It goes too far, way too far,” Mr Coffey says. “It’s awesome and there’s payback.”

• Setting them Straight is a darkly hilarious story of a young man coming out as straight.

Mt Hawthorn director Kaleb McKenna’s highly-regarded Setting Them Straight has already screened in US, Russian, Indonesia and St Kilda film festivals.

It’s the darkly hilarious story of a young man who has to “come out” as straight to his parents.

UK director Danny Pattison’s Refugees Welcome Here was so confronting one of the selectors didn’t want it shown.

“Because it reminded him too much of his family,” Mr Coffey says.

The protagonist, Helen Matthews, is a proud Londoner who is cultured, generous and inclusive, the film’s blurb says.

• In Norwegian film The Funeral, a young woman attends her father’s funeral, only to have some uncomfortable secrets emerge about her disfunctional family.

“She believes in the EU, farmers markets and the healing power of a good brew, but above all else she believes refugees are welcome here…in theory anyway.”

A World of Dark Comedy 2 is on at The Backlot, Simpson Street, West Perth, June 13-June 15, 7pm.

Tickets $20 ($16 concession) at

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