Blooming cheek

PRODIGIOUS numbers of flowers and plants are still being stolen from Kings Park.

Police made three arrests relating to mass flower theft late last year (some of those may have been the same serial flora thief) but greenery is still going missing.

On May 27 the Kings Park and Botanic Garden Authority put out a public plea for information saying “there have been at least 28 significant thefts reported in the last 12 months, with up to hundreds of stems cut per incident. More thefts are likely to have gone unnoticed”.

• Flowers recovered during a recent arrest.

The KPBGA said “the most recent theft on Thursday night saw a number of banksia flowers cut and stolen from the WA Botanic Garden.

“It is believed the flowers and foliage are being sold commercially. Florists are urged to check their suppliers are obtaining stocks from legal sources.

“The thefts are damaging Kings Park’s beautiful displays for visitors, having an impact on the natural environment of the park.”

If you see anything suspicious like someone exiting the park with three bags of flowers that they didn’t have on the way in (police arrested such a fellow at midnight on December 28), call a park management officer on 0418 923 973.

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