Circus ban stays

VINCENT council has voted to keep its policy prohibiting circus animals on council land.

The obscure rule, which ropes in travelling menageries, has been on the books since 1996, and last week the administration recommended it be repealed as part of a routine review into defunct policies, as no one has ever applied to bring circus animals to town.

Councillor Jonathan Hallett queried the repeal at the council briefing session. Staff informed him the long term plan is to eventually roll the animal ban into their space hire conditions, rather than having a separate policy.

• This gigantic clown’s miniature ponies needs to stick to Beechboro, as Vincent council continues its ban on circus animals. Photo by David Bell

In the meantime they’ve decided to keep the circus animal policy so there’s no confusion when a traveling menagerie comes to Vincent.

The city’s still got a few other old policies that haven’t been updated in a while: Under policy 4.1.8 you’re not allowed to build a nuclear reactor in Vincent, and 2.1.5 only allows a “white cross” on roadside memorials.


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