LETTERS 1.6.19

What now for Bill?
HOW do Labor Bill Shorten’s feelings now compare with those that Hillary Clinton endured more than two years ago?
On approaching the  final straight of the Australian federal election race Shorten seemed assured of elevation to prime minister only to have Liberal Scott Morrison burst past him – propelled to some extent by Clive “Trump” Palmer’s scary millions.
Likewise, Hillary felt certain to become the first woman president of the United States when the illiterate billionaire Donald Trump snatched the White House, courtesy of  the weird and archaic Electoral College with which Americans persist.
Bill Shorten – or rather, Chloe Shorten’s husband – is still a young man, however, and his political ambitions are unlikely to have been completely doused.
Ten years’ hence, who knows what might be in store for him?
There’s unlikely to be a repeat performance of May 18, 2019. Ahead of him could still be an opportunity to become Australia’s saviour; given that today’s predicaments will persist, even intensify.
Bill’s mission might even be to save us from  ending “on the beach” with Neville Shute – sorry: even a junior octogenarian can meander.
We return to Hillary who is, of course, in years, two decades ahead of Bill Shorten. Even so, I have for her a scenario that space here prevents my setting out.
Winsley Hurst
St Georges Terrace, Perth

Underpaying foreign workers is discrimination
I RECENTLY came across an article in your newspaper titled “Working the system”, about temporary migrants and working holiday visa holders being underpaid in several 7-11 outlets.
This issue has prompted me to consider how Australians treat people from other nationalities.
I feel that Australians are beginning to treat foreigners worse and worse over time, with the emergence of extremist religious terrorist groups only stoking the fire.
It is true that what these people are doing is terrible, but it does not warrant discrimination against people without the same radical ideology but the same religion.
Since many people are not militant, they are not treated by white people the same, since they can be punished for it (though some people still do, shown in the recent Christchurch shooting).
I believe that doing things such as underpaying foreign workers is a form of discrimination supposedly within the bounds of the law.
Nowadays, there are resurgent ideas of a ‘White Australia’.
I believe that the White Australia Policy was removed for a reason, and now, many people seek to deny foreigners their jobs in Australia and give them to white Australians.
Rather than forcing foreigners out of a job, it would perhaps be better to focus on creating more jobs, so that foreigners could keep their jobs and Australians could get jobs as well.
There is another problem with underpaying foreign workers.
It is taking advantage of migrants who are still settling into the country and denying them income, right when they need it the most.
It is a product of greed and again, should not be unpunished.
It shows the selfish motives of their employers, making money at the expense of others.
It is not an acceptable practice.
I say again, I believe that underhanded low-key discrimination should not go unpunished, whether or not the problem could have been prevented by the victim, and taking advantage of people who are new to the country by underpaying them to further the employer’s profits.
Name and address supplied

Claws out!
CAN the Rock Lobster Council provide us, the owners of the resource as well as consumers, with a logical and succinct reason why the proposed arrangement relating to the increased catch and share for the home market – West Australian consumers – was rejected by the industry?
Their rejection of the proposed arrangement means that all catch is marked for export.
Rejecting and ignoring the WA consumer having access to this food at a reasonable price and the potential employment of thousands of West Aussies in tourism, hospitality and the proposal shows selfish arrogance.
N Agocs
Grand Prom, Bedford

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