Leedy squares up

• Squaresville: the inaugural Village Square event. Photos by Leederville Connect.

BIG crowds came out for the launch of Leederville’s new “Village Square” on May 31.

The $275,000 collaboration between the City of Vincent and town team Leederville Connect has created a more people-friendly space on the Oxford Street strip.

The square includes red brick raised paving and bollards that can block off cars for events.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says “I think the final result and look of Leederville Village Square is fantastic. The red brick paving responds so well to the beautiful old buildings in this space, the trees provide a really nice canopy and the level surface creates a seamless transition between the surrounding businesses.”

She says it’ll make for even better Leedypaloozas and Leedy Streets Open days.

Council will open their other new public space North Perth Common, at the corner of Fitzgerald and View Streets, on June 15.

There’ll be a smoking ceremony to break in the new space at 3pm, with kids activities, local tunes, food and live art.

The circular light sculpture will be turned on at sundown.

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