Party’s over for Proud idea

THE majority of Stirling councillors have voted against creating a public register to declare their political affiliations.

Councillor Stephanie Proud wanted to update the councillors’ code of conduct so they had to declare a range of loyalties including party membership, employment by a political party or MP, and whether any immediate family member “is, or has been, an elected representative of a political party”.

It was based on a similar motion approved by Bayswater council in April, but Cr Proud also wanted Stirling councillors to declare if they were a union member.

But her motion only won support from Crs Giovanni Italiano and Keith Sargent.

Joe Ferrante was keen on the union declarations, but didn’t support the other measures.

Ahead of the vote six councillors declared an impartiality interest that still allowed them to vote – Cr Ferrante (Liberal party member and former federal candidate for Perth), Mark Irwin (wife Elise is a Liberal state MP), David Lagan (Liberal party member and former state candidate), Karlo Perkov (Liberal party member) and Elizabeth Re (member and candidate for WA Party).

Cr Proud proposed a watered-down version of the motion at Tuesday’s council meeting (June 11), suggesting a “voluntary register”, but that was voted down too.


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