Davidson resigns

ONE of Lisa Scaffidi’s closest allies on Perth council Janet Davidson (pictured) has resigned.

The veteran councillor recently sold her city property and to be a councillor you must be an owner or occupier of a rateable property within the city’s boundaries.

In October 2015 Ms Davidson was one of the councillors who signed a letter supporting Ms Scaffidi after the Corruption and Crime Commission’s ruling of misconduct against her.

She also backed the lord mayor’s stance on the city’s old media policy that prevented councillors from speaking to the press, and keeping the councillor clothing allowance.

Commissioner Gaye McMath announced at the June 25 council meeting that Ms Davidson had resigned and said “the city wishes to recognise the valuable long term contribution that Mrs Davidson gave to the city since first being elected in 1998”.

In 2011 Ms Davidson was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to local government and women.

A senior officer-holder of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association and National Council for Women, she pushed to make WA councils more gender balanced and less of a boy’s club.

Her term would have expired in October next year, and as council is suspended until well after that date, Mrs Davidson would have had to recontest an election.

The terms of Mrs Scaffidi, Jim Adamos, Jemma Green and Lily Chen also expire in October this year.


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