LETTERS 29.6.19

Plan before cash splash
WITH reference to the Voice article “Beaufort thaw to tackle trade crisis” (June 1, 2019) relating to the Beaufort street business issue.
Whilst it is not good to see any local business closing we have to be realistic rather than just throw ratepayers’ dollars at it.
The truth is that businesses such as the two bars in the article are competing with ever increasing numbers of bars and clubs in Northbridge, Perth CBD and Yagan and Raine Squares.
Add to this the comment by Clarence’s Bar management about the closure being driven by the “greed and ignorance of landlords”.
No amount of ratepayers’ money can rectify this.
Main streets across Australia are struggling to compete with the rise of shopping centre and city centre development.
The only way to revitalise these outer-suburb main streets is to offer something unique and local.
Additionally the article refers to the ‘Berlin Wall’ and lack of collaboration between Stirling and Vincent councils.
Let’s not forget that it took intervention from a federal MP to resolve the issues of the Beaufort/Lawler junction.
As a City of Vincent resident, I would like to see action from council on safety issues and traffic problems as opposed to vanity projects such as the park at Bedford Street, a $100,000 path at Les Lilley Reserve, and my personal favourite – the North Perth Common.
Who decided this was the heart of North Perth for starters and what value does it add?
Now we are to throw $300,000 at Beaufort Street.
I’d prefer to see a real plan first.
Iain Somerville

G that’s worrying
I WOULD like to respond to your article “5G rollout fires up” (Voice, June 15, 2019).
Last year it was announced that Brussels banned a 5G trial on the grounds that that it posed a health risk.
Celine Fremault, a government minister for environment and energy, responsible for housing and quality of life, said “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.”
Perhaps this hard line stance on 5G in Brussels is because it’s home to the European parliament.
I just wonder why our politicians don’t take precautions against a possible health risk.
Also, shortly after that in Switzerland, elected officials have joined anti-5G groups in resisting the installation of new 5G antennas.
This was backed up by claims from a group of scientists reporting very serious health risks not only to humans but to all living creatures.
I would ask our politicians and anyone responsible for allowing this rollout to go ahead to please consider a thorough and independent investigation and health study, before it’s actually too late.
Gene Lorenzo
Shakespeare St, Mt Hawthorn

My shout, Milo
I DON’T want people like Milo Bell (“I was skint”, Letters, Voice, June 22, 2019) to think they have to miss out on what Beaufort Street has to offer.
I know money is tight Milo, believe me.
I am a second-year out, career-change teacher, so I know the financial struggles are real.
Beaufort Street doesn’t just need our money, it also needs our attendance, both day and night.
People attract people, so you just physically being there helps.
Free art is our biggest feature at the moment, with nine of the newly named lanes being major artworks you can explore.
You can check out the new installations at Lightbox laneway (now known as Kaadadjiny Lane) by artist Eric C, or the free Art on Beaufort Gallery in the Watercorp pop-up office (corner of Mary and Beaufort Streets), which is up until the end of the month.
If you’re looking for something a bit different, you could spend an hour in Planet Books or Beaufort Street Books browsing new and old releases with no pressure to buy anything, you can window shop in the Astor laneway and Ware Gifts, or sit under the tallows at the Mary Street Piazza and read a book or watch the world go by.
I would be happy to buy you a coffee and toastie at Daily Dose to chat more about why you don’t need decadent snacks from Must to contribute to Beaufort Street’s success.
Josh O’Keefe
Mary Street, Highgate

Dare to be different
AS a resident and home owner in Highgate, I would like to give my feedback on Ken Sealey’s “Reviving Beaufort Street” (Thinking Allowed, Voice, June 22, 2019)
I thoroughly support Ken’s innovative plans.
It’s true Beaufort Street is not pedestrian friendly.
Ken’s ideas are an excellent example of turning a deteriorating hub into a thriving inner-city location for residents and visitors.
A hub that will provide entertainment for all ages.
Ken’s forward-thinking and creative plan will indeed create the turn around so desperately needed for Beaufort Street.
It’s a plan which will make the very best of what is a hidden treasure of Perth.
The hub already has the advantage of a mix of heritage buildings, un-utilised laneways and surrounding beautiful parks.
If Ken’s plans were to go ahead it would be making the best of what already exists in this inner city hub.
What a fantastic idea suggesting a very large piazza.
His ideas of revitalising the laneways is so creative and sustainable.
It would be a wonderful opportunity for the whole hub and for everyone to enjoy.
The cities of Perth and Vincent should seriously take into consideration the creative, forward thinking and innovative ideas suggested by Ken.
I believe the plans would transform what is currently an under-utilised hub with potential into a vibrant and creative location.  Could we dare to be different?
Filomena Modugno
Harold Street, Highgate

A cracking bunch of letters this week. It’s great to see readers putting the effort into thinking about the big issues around us. And sorry, Douglas, we’ll try to fit yours in next week. If you’ve got something to say, email news@perthvoice.com

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