Dogged denial

A DOGGY daycare in the West Perth scout hall has been rejected again by Perth council commissioners, despite warnings from staff the decision could be overturned on appeal and the city hit with legal costs.

Commissioners Andrew Hammond and Gaye McMath first rejected the Madame Ma’s Doggie Daycare application for a change-of-use for 581 Murray Street on April 30.

Council planning staff said the proposal met all requirements, but it was rejected over fears the dogs would be too noisy for nearby apartment residents who’d submitted a list of concerns (including that a dog centre there would hurt property values).

Applicant Marian Gorman appealed to the State Administrative Tribunal which told the council to rethink its decision, while Ms Gorman provided more information about sound-proofing the luxury pooch centre.

• Marian Gorman is appealing to the SAT, and Perth council staff say she’ll likely win. Photo by KRD Photography

City staff recommended commissioners approve it a second time round, citing a legal precedent of a similar case in Belmont where the dog centre won on appeal.

The SAT could also reject strict conditions the city wanted to impose, they warned.

Ahead of voting commissioners heard a lengthy deputation against the daycare centre from Alice Brown, strata chair and resident from the nearby “Iceworks” apartment at 611 Murray Street. Her concerns included noise, odour, and having more traffic of up to 60 dog owners dropping off their animals.

But it was the noise that remained the commissioners’ biggest concern.

“I do not believe that the extra information that was provided, and the extra actions contained therein, they did not give me enough confidence to think that there was not going to be a future noise problem and an inappropriate impact on the amenity of that surrounding area,” Comsr Hammond said

Ms Gorman, having already spent tens of thousands on a fit out and acoustics report, is taking it back to the SAT for a second time.


One response to “Dogged denial

  1. Is this for real??? a doggy day care in the CBD? the reason why dog breeders are in Canning Vales is because of the noise and smell. I love dogs and have always had them, but put 60 dogs in the same place and you have major problems – this of course will also be adding to the traffic congestion of pick up and drop off in the city – that area gets massive traffic congestion from 7.30 – 9 and 4 – 5.30, so to add to further congestion by having a daycare for dogs is irresponsible.
    It bad enough in suburbia where kids are dropped off and picked up at schools (and not all kids are picked up and dropped off)- here you will need to park, drop odd and then the same in the afternoon when you pick up – we then add that as dogs are being picked up or dropped off – there will be a a massive escalation of noise with dogs barking as they leave the premises, it will also mean more droppings on the side of the road/car park as owners pick up and drop off and as we all know – not all owners pick up after their dogs which will be adding to the smell – and whilst its easy to say it will be picked up by the facility owners – dog poo over time on paving – will smell and the smell will remain as it seeps in to cement.
    It is also important to take in to consideration the number of people that work and live within 200 meters of this proposed daycare who will have their lives severely impacted by this proposal by the reasons set out above and of course all the commuters that drive through this street to get to and from work
    There are plenty of areas outside the CBD that can and should be considered for a dog daycare and the CBD should certainly not be an option.

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