Plaza plan blossoming

AFTER a “frustrating” delay of years, more trees and a leafy town plaza are coming to the sun-baked stretch of Beaufort Street north of Walcott.

Stirling councillor Suzanne Migdale has urged the city to get a move on and start planting, as “suggestions to improve this part of Mount Lawley have been ongoing since December 2015”.

Cr Migdale says locals “are getting frustrated with the lack of action” for Beaufort.

• The draft Beaufort plaza.

There was a little planting on Walcott but the Beaufort strip’s endured some sun-scorched summers while the city carried out its Mount Lawley “visioning workshops” to find out exactly what locals want.

Following Cr Migdale’s successful motion, money’s been put aside in the budget for spotted gums and plane trees along the median strip (and on some private land if owners are keen).

Stirling’s also planning a $347,000 town plaza for the carpark just north of Walcott Street. The final design’s yet to be settled on (and the concept drawings are very drafty), but the idea is a few carbays will go to make way for a tree-laden amphitheatre-like space, flanked by brick colonnades and with space for stalls. Construction could start early 2020.


Cr Migdale told the Voice the trees and plaza were “all about creating a wonderful, enjoyable space for residents to linger, and for business owners to reap the benefits too”.

The trees and the plaza project are partly funded by the $270,000 the city’s getting from the contentious sale of the strip of land at 80A Walcott Street (“Curtain call for public space?”, Voice, August 10, 2018).

The council’s also got $120,000 spare cash because irrigating the Hamersley Golf course came in cheaper than expected, and there’s $57,000 of developer contributions from the “public open space cash-in-lieu” reserve, which various builders have had to pay into when they haven’t provided the required open space on their project sites.

Further up the road, mobile parklets are in the works for the Inglewood town centre part of Beaufort Street. A $25,000 prototype mobile parklet that’d be able to pop up in parking bays is proposed as part of the budget, to be trialled outside Finlay and Sons Café at first.


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