LETTERS 27.8.19

I HAVE been visiting the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre indoor pool for over seven years.
I first started going when a physio recommended walking in the warm waters and doing stretching exercise to relieve my sciatica, which I no longer have, but have kept going twice a week since then.
This morning the water was so cold that after one lap I had to get out. I then went to the ‘Baby’s pool area as I had been told that this was always warm.
It was, thank goodness. I could warm up again.
I asked a staff member in the pool area why the 25m pool was so cold, and was told it was the air temperature outside of the pool that made the water seem cold.
Then went on to say the people doing laps didn’t like it so warm.
What about the people who need the warmth to do their walking/physio exercises? Obviously they don’t count.
So I have to ask, why are we being fobbed off with excuses about fixing the air temp when in reality they are really controlling the heat of the water in both pools?
Others this morning were very unhappy with the cold water and an acquaintance at the pool who has been going probably longer than me and who does do laps, said he was leaving early as he had never experienced it so cold and he liked it to be warm for his lap-swimming.
A lot of people don’t have the time to write, but just vote with their feet–the numbers in the mornings are significantly down from my observations. The other morning I was the only one there in the walking lane.
You know as soon as you drive into the car park, how quiet it is.
I wrote to the City of Stirling a month ago complaining about the water being too cool, but basically got fobbed off with excuses about fixing the air temp.
I went back to the pool a few weeks ago to see if it had improved; it had slightly but is very inconsistent.
They even suggested I go to the Balga pool which is always consistent.
So I am seeking the support of those who have experienced the same problem and haven’t said anything before, but are not attending the pool now for this reason.
Let us speak out and get this pool warmed up to an acceptable level.
Susan Moss
Plantation Street, Menora

Where’s Lisa
WELL, what happened to the iced cake that appears to be a challenge for the City of Perth commissioners (“Save $3.50 on the next cuppa”, Voice, July 20, 2019)?
They can certainly afford it, but have they earned it?
One wonders how many times they practised their posing?
Our capital city voters are unlikely to find again any cake or comfort from your picture that also lacks credit.
What’s desperately needed is the return of our cruelly suspended Lord Mayor, seen scoffing with obvious delight a slice of that cake.
Winsley Hurst
St Georges Terrace, Perth
The Ed says: Yes, we’ve been well pinged for the lack of credit, Winsley; well spotted. It was supplied by the City of Perth which should have been noted.

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