Love that Theo and Co

THE D’Angers will definitely revisit Theo and Co in Leederville.

Not just because the pizzas were the best we’ve ever eaten, but because we didn’t get to try the dessert one.

We sat in awe as a chocolate pizza base – crowned with vanilla ice cream and lavishly drizzled with chocolate sauce and nuts ($20) – whisked past our table.

Heading to the movies we had arrived early, but tables were already filling fast and we were lucky to squeeze in.

Best wedges

While we waited for our meal in the frantically busy restaurant, my hunger pangs were assuaged by some of the best wedges I’ve ever tried.

The serve was so big we ended up getting a doggy bag and having them for lunch the next day.

D’Angerous Dave fancied the mushroom pizza ($25 large), made with fresh and meaty Wanneroo mushrooms cooked in garlic.

Mozzarella, crumbled feta, parmesan and thyme topped the delicious chewy base in a magnificent burst of sharp flavours that left the tongue zinging.

I’d ordered the farmers market pizza ($25 large), with its chia seeds base.

It was a colourful cartwheel of red capsicum, grilled zucchini, baked pumpkin and beetroot.

Circles of yoghurt drizzled around the pizza turned this dinner into modern art; a delicious canvas with diverse flavours coalescing in wonderful harmony – just like a Pro Hart.

There’s a mind boggling assortment of pizzas on the menu including the grandma, made with focaccia-style dough cooked in a baking tray, pizzas served in a heavy cast iron skillet, and one baked on a stone with a sprinkle of semolina.

There’s gluten-free and vegan options, and if you can’t decide on a a topping you can have a half and half (large only).

For those not keen on pizza there’s pasta with meatballs ($19), or creamy chicken, bacon and mushroom pastas ($18).


Theo and Co
147 Oxford St, Leederville
open 7 days from 5pm
fully licensed  

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