Letters 5.10.19

Tart response
On Saturday September 14, you published an important article “Misogyny Persists” which referred to the ongoing mistreatment of women within local governments, specifically a woman who was referred to as a “slut” by a local councillor.
This story is crucial and needs to be told, yet only a few pages later you published a food review which refers to “ladies of the night” as “tarts”.
Not only this, the piece finishes with an allusion to happy endings, which further mocks the services of sex workers in a context that allows for no critical discussion.
How can you justify this use of slurs that denigrate women’s sexuality and workplace roles?
Although written by a woman, this review perpetuates misogynistic language.
Misogyny does not just apply to women who are working in the government sector, it extends to women in all industries, and by using these cheap jokes you are perpetuating stigma that you should be actively fighting against.
We all need to do better, especially for the sake of the young women who read your publication.
Maddie Godfrey
Mt Lawley

Vincent ticket tiff
IT’S only a parking fine said the magistrate, when I explained that the error in the court document suggesting a different charge had caused me a great deal of stress.
Yes, it was only a parking fine which I should have simply paid after I had complained to the City of Vincent that lighting in the area was dim and the sign was graffitied, misleading and impossible to read in the dark.
I was told by the smug man who took my complaint, “Go to court if you wish, but we always win”.
So I did. The alleged offence occurred just over a year ago, but I did not get my summons until July of this year and the hearing was scheduled for a date when I would not be in the state.
I wrote the court a letter and essentially outlined my case naively hoping that it would simply be dismissed.
No such luck.
It was rescheduled for Friday August 16.
I had taken numerous photos to demonstrate
Daina Bruers
Address supplied

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