Waves of support


IT’S A Wonderful Life will be performed as a live radio play at His Majesty’s to help poor families at Christmas.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the charity Anglicare WA, and the cast are performing for free.

Reworking the Christmas classic as a live radio play was the idea of theatre director Katt Osborne and Perth actor Nick Maclaine.

Osborne says the original film is sincere, heartfelt and uplifting.

“I love the performances, especially Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed’s, and it’s a reminder to lead a life full of connection and community,” she says.

“It’s kind of like An American Christmas Carol, which is why it’s such a great piece to follow up our production of A Christmas Carol last year.”

The play was written by Joe Landry and will feature some of Perth’s favourite theatre actors including Luke Hewitt, Steve Turner and Jo Morris.

Maclaine will play the role of world-weary George Bailey, originally made famous by Jimmy Stewart.

“The actors will read from scripts and play multiple characters, and our foley artist will create sound effects using ingenious practical effects,” Maclaine says.

“The key is that everything is happening live, so audiences will get to see us walking the tightrope in real time, while they enjoy a nice glass of wine.”


Maclaine notes the play has everything people love about the original film, but with some extra humour and innovation thrown in.

“Most importantly, the story resonates with Anglicare WA and our belief that ordinary people can transform the lives of others through simple acts of kindness. Anglicare WA provides help where it is needed most. Around this time of the year, poverty and homelessness are acute problems for many Western Australians.”

Osborne says Anglicare WA provides 88 different services in 55 locations across WA.

“We hope that everyone who comes to the show will get a little glow knowing that by buying a ticket, they’ve done something to make someone’s life a little better.”

It’s a Wonderful Life – A Live Radio Play is on this week (November 21-23) at Downstairs at the Maj in Perth.

Tix at tickets.ptt.wa.gov.au/its-a-wonderful-life-ptt-hmt

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