Clamp rage spreads

• Bayswater mayor Dan Bull says wheel clamping is “unfair” but he’ll wait for a staff report before taking action.

THE Bayswater community was brought together by a unanimous loathing of wheel clampers at its AGM of electors on December 10.

Local activist and town planner Greg Smith put up a motion that Baysy follow Stirling council’s proposal and ban clamping on private property, claiming it was “basically the action of a totalitarian state”.

He heard earlier this week of someone parking in an empty private carpark at 6.30am and getting their wheel clamped within minutes.

His motion was unanimously endorsed by the crowd of electors, and will now be presented to Bayswater councillors for a vote at a meeting next year.


Mayor Dan Bull told the Voice he’d have to wait and see the staff report before deciding how he’d vote but said: “I think predatory wheel clamping practices are completely unfair”.

Stirling’s proposed clamp ban requires state government approval, but shortly after the council announced its plan both Labor premier Mark McGowan and Liberal leader Liza Harvey got stuck into wheel clampers.

“I hate it,” Mr McGowan declared last week, saying his government would look into legislative options.

Mr Smith also put up an unsuccessful motion calling on the council to lobby state and federal members to do more to free Julian Assange.

“The council should show support for a great Australian journalist in the mould of John Pilger and Wilfred Burchett,” Mr Smith said.

About 30 per cent of voters agreed with him.

Cr Bull told us Bayswater’s powers to free Assange were “significantly limited”.


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